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For those People, who don`t speak German language and are interestet in my musical projects, i will write in the next time something about my musical projects.

 I don´t speak very often english and my time of learning english is long time ago.

So if I make mistakes, please dont worry about it.


Musikzelt Klangspielwiese


This project is a improvisation- music- project with many pentatonic instruments for all generations.

The pentatonic instruments (5- tone- music) brings harmonic sounds.

The pentatonic notation that I use is without half- tone- steps.

It is like to play only the black steps on a keyboard.


You don´t have to have any knowings about Music.

It is a project like a creative meeting room for children, young people, adults, parents and grandpas and grandmoms.


I create with my big pentatonic Instruments, so called "Stringboards", a musical base in my big tent with a colured Roof. Guests in my tent can play on different other instruments.

The most of this instruments are tuned in a pentatonic scale.

I use the scales    C- D- E- G- A- C    or    C- D- F- G- A- C.

On Festivals of some days I change the notation after one or two days.

If you want to know more about these instruments, please look at the button "Die Instrumente der Klangspielwiese". There are also some Photographs of this Instruments. 


Walter von Lingen

Drecken 2

32694 Dörentrup


05265 / 955447

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Auf meiner Facebookseite: Termine, Aktuelles und Kommunikation. Zu finden bei Facebook ebenfalls unter "Klangspielwiese".

Dort habe ich in den letzten Jahren viele kleine Berichte und Fotos gepostet.

Musiktreff Klangspielstube

Meine Family Band
Meine Family Band
Auf den Tischen liegen pentatonische Instrumentee
Einige Instrumente